We’ve done the experiments already.

Businesses struggle with key questions, like: Where do we start? What do we change? At what pace? We have the answers to those questions and we’re here to help.

We’ve been developing and refining Generative AI applications for four years – well before it caught the spotlight.

Your business will fall behind if you are not proactively thinking about AI. Furthermore, using AI poorly will damage your brand, impede innovation and waste resources.

Our experience with Gen AI and Large Language Models means we implement it right, and right now. We will bring solutions tailored for you at a speed that is right for your business.

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We engage your team, then solve your concerns.

To get the conversation started, here are some principles we employ and products we make. To continue it, reach out with your specific situation, especially if it’s “You’ve probably never been asked this ...”


We inspire your leadership — with the most promising use cases — about possibilities and educate them about the practical applications. Together, we can apply GAI in meaningful ways with immediate benefits.


We work with your AI specialists, or independently, to ensure the responses and quality of Large Language Models meet your specifications. With resources at the ready to scale the impact on your IT department.


Your data is valuable to your organization. As your AI solution learns from it, it stays inside your company – ensuring the results, applications and insights are uniquely yours. And fully secure.


We’ve developed defenses against common AI concerns — such as inaccuracies and bias — that can damage your company’s reputation. We stay ahead of new threats because they, like business, constantly evolve.


Our proprietary products, now available in the Azure store, offer sales, marketing, operations and IT solutions for businesses of any size using our groundbreaking Digital Twin of the Consumer.


This assistant allows business users and their customers to ask questions in conversational language, then replies with smart, cogent answers drawn from your enterprise’s structured and unstructured data.