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Human-centric platforms provide experiences that people want, which drives engagement with your brand. The Infogain IDEA methodology keeps your teams focused on customers and their goals.

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Inspire with purpose

Envision your future and define a strategy to achieve it.

Design for impact

Design immersive and seamless physical and digital experiences for customer value and impact.

Engineer for scale    

Experience design for UX field research

Activate your vision

Use proactive business and tech support to drive adoption and continuously improve outcomes.

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  • What matters for your brand? We form a clear perspective to inform experiences, then create and improve revenue streams that meet your business priorities and investment goals.

  • How will people engage with this experience? We anticipate friction points and how the experience might look. We reveal which customer needs it must address, the desired outcomes, then test our ideas.

  • What are your digital capabilities and constraints? Once we understand how these things impact the rest of your business, we find the right opportunities for prioritized scenarios and solutions.

  • Where do we start? IDEA prioritizes the journeys and capabilities that deliver the most value. Then we evaluate how well prototypes meet your targets and bring the customer journey to life.

Creating the right experience

Our client had concepted a tool to let customers buy online and pick up in store (BOPIS), plus book appointments online and via Facebook Messenger.

They wanted us to start building immediately. But we realized they’d skipped UX research, so we took a step back—and found new solutions to their problems. Personas, empathy maps, and customer journeys showed how they could better serve customers. A service blueprint let them integrate the tool across the business.

We wrote plans to drive adoption and introduce the tool to customers, then monitored interactions for 60 days to optimize it.


Our client had concepted a tool to let customers buy online and pick up in store (BOPIS), plus book appointments online and via Facebook Messenger.

Using natural language processing (NLP) to route and triage issues resolved over 30% of issues via chat and/or call centers, increasing productivity for customers and store associates.

In the other 70% of situations, the associate got a 360-degree view of the customer with data-driven recommendations based on usage, product, and previous site visits, which increased revenue by 24%.

with purpose


for impact


for scale


your vision

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  • IDEA pushed us to find new solutions to their problems.
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  • We based concepts on personas, empathy maps, and customer journeys, then vetted them with user groups.
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  • We engineered solutions to actual customer problems instead of assumptions.
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  • Our work raised revenue by 24% and resolved over 30% of customer issues via chat and/or call centers.

Our Approach


  • Value Delivery Framework

The IDEA framework lets you base a platform on the plans you created using the Value Delivery Framework (VDF). See how they work together.


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