Our client is the second-largest health insurance provider for US government employees, serving a customer base of over 2 million policyholders through 2.7 million in-network provider locations and 9,300 hospitals nationwide. Our client provides health and dental plans to federal employees, retirees, and their families through the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program and the Federal Employees Dental & Vision Insurance Program.

Our client provides medical and dental insurance to more than 2 million policy holders

With an aim to better engage customers, improve support programs, and drive business growth using digital and cloud technologies, our client partnered with Infogain to engineer its customer portal from the ground up. With approximately 70% of its customer base interacting solely through the portal, our client aimed to modernize its legacy systems with an agile, streamlined, efficient cloud platform to improve customer experiences and satisfaction levels.


We understood that becoming service-led and digital-ready to deliver new customer experiences meant establishing cloud infrastructures that could not only improve security, compliance, and performance today but also remain resilient and scalable for future needs.

We deployed a next-generation version of our client’s customer portal on an Azure PaaS-based, digital-ready cloud infrastructure platform. Leveraging Azure as a cloud-native innovation platform, we enabled our client to improve performance, simplify management operations, achieve auto scalability, and meet security, HIPAA and PCI compliance, and application resiliency goals.

  • Built modern Azure Application Platform with security as a high priority
  • Azure Site Recovery to protect data, with secondary Azure Region to avoid outages, unplanned downtime, and rapid disaster recovery
  • Secured environment at the perimeter and used virtual network appliances to establish connectivity with on-premises environments
  • Web application firewall deployed to protect applications from threats, attacks, and vulnerabilities
  • Azure Key Vault to safeguard and manage cryptographic keys used by the applications


  • 60% reduction in program costs of managed service versus in-house management
  • Cost savings from reduced downtime—service level agreements guaranteed significantly more uptime compared to the on-premises asset
  • 24/7 assistance from Azure experts
  • PCI and SOX compliance
  • Gained additional value with ongoing training, technology upgrades, and support center personnel management across shifts and weekends
  • 60%

    reduction in cost
  • 24/7

  • 2 million


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