An Oracle Gold Partner, Infogain is a complete end-to-end IT service provider to mid-market retailers. We offer a portfolio of services designed to help you deal with change and plan for the future. With delivery capabilities in Merchandising, Retail POS and ORPOS, Retail Integration, omni-channel, and mobility, Infogain enables retailers worldwide to compete in the digital world.


Digitally-driven innovations and the connected insurer are causing an upheaval within the property and casualty (P&C) insurance industry. The P&C insurer that embraces digital transformation strategies will improve their policy and claims functions, streamline business operations and boost efficiency and quality. Infogain leverages digital transformation strategies so that P&C insurers can respond swiftly to the changing markets, engage their customers, and remain competitive.

High Technology

The global high tech ecosystem is undergoing fascinating change, including disrupting technologies, newer business models, complex partnerships and improved development methods. With more than a dozen clients from the Silicon Valley 150, Infogain’s high tech services drive faster time to market, business processes automation, sales/service channel efficiency, supply chain agility and financial compliance. Infogain’s customized solutions lead to increased ROI for high tech companies and differentiated experiences for their customers.

Healthcare and Life Sciences

With soaring healthcare costs, the Affordable Care Act and ever-changing HIPPA regulations, the healthcare industry business model continues to evolve. How can these organizations best deal with this rapid evolution in the IT space? Infogain offers cost-effective, customer-centric solutions that address the ever-changing healthcare IT space. As an extension of your healthcare IT team, we help you innovate solutions and achieve development goals on time and budget, reducing costs and improving patient outcomes.

Travel & Hospitality

Leveraging twelve years’ experience developing software products specifically for the Travel and Hospitality industry, Infogain helps travel and hospitality companies at every step of their business, from customer digital experience, to portals and content management systems, to business process automation and integration. We provide digitally advanced solutions that improve profitability and deliver outstanding customer travel experiences for our clients.

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