Move forward thoughtfully

Human-centric digital platforms connect billions of people—and their data—with your business. NAVIK AI lets you leverage that data, no matter where it sits. The Infogain Value Delivery Framework (VDF) enables comprehensive plans for extensible, pragmatic platforms. And, our IDEA framework empowers smooth, quick execution. The result is a digital platform that leverages data to uncover opportunity, grow your business, and minimize disruption.

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Tilt the playing field

Our comprehensive Value Delivery Framework reveals internal dependencies so you can move quickly without adding technical, process, or people debt. It also leverages existing data and systems while accounting for internal dependencies.

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Always start with the user

It’s easy to get distracted by technology and business issues. Our IDEA methodology keeps the focus where it belongs: on the user and their goals.

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about us

About us

Experience drives engagement.

We’re a human-centered digital platform and software engineering company with offices all over the world. Our extensible digital platforms enable brands to better engage customers and employees with the cloud, AI, and emerging technologies.

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