Deliver the right message, at the right time

Your MarTech stack has grown as complicated as your business. NAVIK makes all those parts talk to one another so you can quit translating for them. We create a Digital Twin of the Consumer that allows you to align campaign messaging, timing, segmentation, and channel coordination.

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A fit for B2B, B2C, or any combination

NAVIK AI Marketing Platform learns your business. Whether you offer customers products, services or a combination. We put AI into action for you while your competition is still figuring it out.

It takes two

In our proprietary Digital Twin of Consumer framework, NAVIK uses all your data to create a virtual representation of a customer or group of customers. Then you can test new products or services and anticipate how customer habits will change with the economy, seasons or a major world event.

What you know now

NAVIK’s competitive analysis never ends. It finds the trends. Your leaders dictate how the business acts on them. Machine learning builds the foundation of analysis that forms actionable next steps.

Automated analysis, your decisions

Decision intelligence requires intelligent decisions made by people. People who know the business and understand its nuances. Machine learning finds the trends and patterns, leaving your leaders to decide what course of action makes the most sense.

Adopt AI at your pace

We have custom components ready to add to your existing MarTech systems that make you more responsive and drive buyer engagement. Your IT department can enable it, or we can if they’re tied up.

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