How AI Can Solve Challenges in CPG Industry How AI Can Solve Challenges in CPG Industry
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How AI Can Solve Challenges in the CPG & Retail Sector

How AI Can Solve Challenges in the CPG & Retail Sector

Like many industries, CPG can benefit from applying AI to their business problems. While it might not seem like as natural a fit as some other high-tech sectors, CPG companies have access to large amounts of data they can use to power growth and change. In this post, we’ll examine key areas where AI can supercharge CPG companies. We’ll also examine why some companies have been slow to adopt AI.

CPG Challenges Solved by AI

Because of its ability to quickly process and analyze data, AI has enabled CPG companies to overcome some complex hurdles:

Where Can CPG Apply AI?

Business Intelligence – powered by AI—can improve performance across the entire organization:


What’s Stopping CPG Adoption of AI?

With all of the potential upsides of deploying AI in a CPG company, drumming up support and enthusiasm should be no problem – right? Not always. While some CPG companies have embraced AI, others have held back because of one or more of the following reasons.

As the above infographic implies, emphasizing the value AI brings can help spur buy-in. And setting clear expectations about its performance (and explaining how it improves over time) can clarify how to accurately measure ROI.

From Problem to Performance Boost with AI

Many CPG companies have already used AI to turn previous problem areas into performance boosts. These have included:

Clearly, AI can be profitably deployed across the CPG sector. Now is the time to take advantage of its many abilities.