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Innovate at startup speed with purposeful innovation. Revel Digital Innovation services enable you to find the right new ideas, shorten digital product lifecycles, and measure value. Our accelerators and roadmaps guide you from exploration to build and beyond.

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See where you stand

Revel maturity assessments help you benchmark your current systems and capabilities, prioritize efforts, and find ways to climb the maturity curve.

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Minimum lovable products

Our Innovation Pods are purpose-built to deliver speed to value. They’re small and autonomous, with multi-disciplinary capabilities. They’re also customer-obsessed and on a mission to deliver Minimum Lovable Products (MLPs).

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Defend your core business

Are your digital investments delivering the ROI you hoped? A Digital Rethink helps you find opportunities to improve your current digital product or service, focusing on value proposition delivery and digital product performance.

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Extend your core business

Leverage your existing assets to drive growth with new offerings and a differentiated value proposition. A Digital Refresh enables you to find new ways to drive revenue within your core business, concentrating on customers’ jobs-to-be-done and the overall value proposition delivered.

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Go beyond your core business

With a razor-sharp focus on opportunities presented by platforms, ecosystems, and the network effects it brings, a Digital Reframe enables you to fundamentally reframe current business models and introduce new revenue streams outside of core business.

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