Our client acquired multiple brands, totaling over 5,000 franchises, that offered homeowners services such as plumbing, HVAC, housecleaning, painting, and more.

Our solution allowed a franchise to track the progress of a job.

Their top franchises had separate point of sale (POS) systems, leading to disparate customer data, causing a less than optimal user experience.

No digital ecosystem connected the customer experience from the first touchpoint (e.g., making an appointment) to the end touchpoint (e.g., accepting payment). There was no way to interact with other companies that did similar work.

Without a 360-degree customer view, there were limited opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling.


The Infogain Experience Design (XD) Studio improved the customer experience by implementing a digital strategy of field scheduling management, centralization of brand websites, and data mining/AI.

Then the Infogain Digital Experience Platform (DXP) Studio built field scheduling management on an Amazon Web Services (AWS) hosted platform to manage scalability, deployment, and operations. Franchise POS systems were consolidated, and several brands were onboarded in a phased approach. Additional solutions:

  • Integrated franchise websites and back-office systems to track job technicians, job status, invoices, and other content.

  • Integrated the client’s web site, mobile app, and third-party partners to deliver consolidated data across brands for better reporting, accounting, and marketing, and support cross-selling efforts.

  • Provided a dashboard for web traffic, POS leads other actionable analytics.

  • Employed AWS features for email programs and scheduling.

  • Streamlined manual, API, regression, and automation testing processes.

  • Implemented microservices architecture, DevSecOps, SAFe Agile, and optimizing APIs.

  • Implemented a content management system (CMS) for marketing purposes.

  • Performed non-functional requirements (NFR) for Web, iOS, and Android.


The unified customer experience:

  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Led to fewer late or missed technician appointments.
  • Increased customer order size
  • Reduced overall logistics costs
  • 5000+

  • 20+

  • 1

    Unified Digital Platform