Realize your data’s true potential

Business and IT leaders struggle to leverage data fully and create a culture driven by data and insights. Much of their data remains siloed, inaccessible, and slow moving. Data sources and volumes increase by the minute. And legacy data platforms that can barely keep up may even hinder transformation. Infogain Data Modernization services provide capabilities, accelerators, and values that help you become a leader in making strategic and tactical decisions that are driven by data and insights.

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Modernize how you build your data assets

Infogain DataOps Modernization services enable agile, automated, and accelerated delivery of data assets, leveraging modern data engineering practices and processes across development, deployment, continuous testing, and orchestration of data pipelines.

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Build data assets on a modern data platform foundation

Infogain Data Platform Modernization services help you build a hyperscale, unified, cloud-native, future-ready data platform enabled by data ingestion, processing, preparation, and consumption technologies as well as DataOps automation & tools.

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Modernization Principles

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Data democratization

  • Remove hurdles to data-driven decision-making.
  • Support a range of use cases, including analytics, reporting/BI, advanced/predictive analytics, AI/ML


  • Handle petabyte scale with ease.
  • Separation of storage and compute for independent scaling.

Real time

  • Drive real-time insights with event-driven architecture.
  • Support processing, analytics, and activation on near real-time data sources.


  • Modernize in operationally efficient, cost-conscious ways.
  • Optimize governance.