Our client is an artificial intelligence pioneer and creator of the world's first decentralized AI network. They sought to build a decentralized marketplace for companies across the globe to showcase their developers' AI-employing solutions and sell them online.

Night view of modern city landscape with cloud network map connecting building

The decentralized marketplace allowed for interactions, collaboration and transactions

This would manifest as an "AI storefront" -- a globally accessible online portal allowing interactions, collaboration, and transactions.


We conceived, created, and launched the storefront running on Ethereum, a decentralized, open source blockchain technology that allows and records transactions. Included in it was our own Layer 2 solution that cut down the speed and transaction costs associated with the growing use of Ethereum in unsophisticated applications. Layer 2 allows us to scale the system by allowing transfers off the chain.

Infogain's extensive work with blockchain and building digital platforms with a product-ownership mentality made us a natural fit for the task.

Highlights of the solution included:

  • Using serverless architecture to create all the necessary microservices. This allows the client to scale the system.

  • AWS Infrastructure as code (IaC) using AWS CloudFormation, Ansible, Serverless and Control Development Kit (CDK) ensured reliable infrastructure.

  • DApp Publisher allowed developers to onboard services.

  • Software Development Kits (SDKs) authored in JavaScript, Python, Java, and Swift allow interactions with the solutions.


  • Minimal operations costs due to no maintenance activities, patching services, instance downtimes, security, or operational tasks.
  • Staking functionality– holding cryptocurrency funds in a contract — created the liquidity for transactions to operate.
  • From initial client requirement discovery to marketplace-ready launch in 12 months.
  • 50+

    listed services on marketplace
  • $15 Million

    value of tokens staked
  • 1

    scalable platform