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Measure how quickly you win. NAVIK AI and ML algorithms examine purchase history, habits of similar buyers and third-party data to create new monetization strategies for now, next quarter and beyond. Sales teams become free to do what they do best—selling—instead of researching and planning.

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A fit for B2B, B2C, or any combination

NAVIK AI Sales Software learns your business. Whether you offer customers products, services or a combination. We put AI into action for you while your competition is still figuring it out.

A 'Twin' of the customer

In our proprietary Digital Twin of Consumer framework, NAVIK uses all your data to create a virtual representation of a customer or group of customers. Then you can test new products or services and anticipate how customer habits will change with the economy, seasons or a major world event.

Focus your team

Get your sales staff back to selling armed with data-rich insights they can employ tomorrow. You set the strategy for that fiscal year, quarter or week so they can approach clients ready to execute with details that close deals.

'Can I help you?' You can

With natural language, answer questions, anticipate opportunities and offer options before customers ask. Use customers’ histories and digital twins to guide them where they need to be. And where you need them to be.

Adopt AI at your pace

We have custom components ready to add to your existing sales IT systems to identify new opportunities and close deals faster than ever. Your IT department can enable it, or we can if they’re tied up.

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