Then measure and improve

Every resource in your organization creates data: IT, employees, facilities and equipment. NAVIK AI Operations Software reveals the knowledge your data contains so you can exploit efficiencies.

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A fit for B2B, B2C, or any combination

NAVIK AI Operations Software learns your business. Whether you offer customers products, services or a combination. We put AI into action for you while your competition is still figuring it out.

Your data to solve your dilemmas

NAVIK monitors your network, IoT equipment, and historical supply and demand trends to give you an edge in planning and execution. It extracts insights from information you already have, improving logistics efficiency and equipment uptime.

Automated analysis, your decisions

Machine learning spots the trends and patterns, leaving your leaders to assess the nuance and make important high-level decisions to move your business forward.

Real-time insights translate into real-time action

Set the strategy for the quarter or identify quick wins for a team. Constant real-time monitoring identifies bottlenecks and performance issues and how to avoid them. The insights are channeled in a clean UI that allows apples-to-apples comparison.

Adopt AI at your pace

We have custom components ready to add to your existing operational systems. Rapidly deploy a Chatbot, forecast business conditions, identify competitive threats and more. Your IT department can enable it, or we can if they’re tied up.

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