Our client builds automated teller machines (ATMs), point-of-sale (POS) terminals, self-service kiosks, check processing systems, barcode scanners, and related consumables such as paper and ink. It also develops financial services software for banking, retail, travel, and hospitality for customers in 140 countries.

Our client is a global provider of software, hardware, and services for banks, retailers, restaurants, small businesses, and more

Every day, our client processed millions of retail transactions on various platforms with a time-consuming manual process that was susceptible to human error. After discovering that over 32,000 manual test cases were being executed with a regression test cycle of 5 weeks, and that only 6% of them had been automated, it asked us to help modernize its development process.


We started with by assessing their current state and prioritizing test cases, then co-created a detailed automation plan. Together, we identified and eliminated redundant cases, focusing on critical and high-priority cases, followed by framework customization and configuration. We also executed across multiple distributed environments using Continuous Quality (DevSecOps) module integrated with Jenkins. This solution enabled:

  • High test automation coverage
  • Improved maintenance from framework-based scripting using Automation Scripter module
  • Far greater agility and speed to test suite build and execution


  • Innovate for growth: Provided a digital console to execute, monitor, and measure test execution analysis
  • Design for experience: Created 5 applications with 3 different UI experiences
  • Speed for value: Cut script development and maintenance cost by 40%–60%, with single script execution for web and mobile apps
  • Automate for productivity: Cut regression test cycle time by 66%, freeing developers to focus on adding functionalities and enhancing features
  • Automate for productivity: Achieved 84% increase in productivity using Shift Left automation
  • 66%

    reduction in test regression cycles
  • 5

    applications, 3 UI experiences
  • 84%

    increase in productivity

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