This Malaysian oil and gas leader needed to capture customers’ attention in retail outlets. The company had to market to busy, on-the-go customers with snappy messaging and a high level of personalization.


We helped this oil and gas leader engage customers in retail outlets to improve relationships and drive retention.

But lapse rates were up, false targeting was high, ROI was low, and ineffective campaigns were damaging customer relationships and retention.


Moving to a customer-directed marketing approach meant relying more on AI-enhanced data analytics, so we deployed NAVIK MarketingAI, an AI-driven, ML-enhanced hyper-personalization platform to find cross-sell opportunities, boost customer retention, improve targeting and outreach, and move customers up the value chain.

NAVIK MarketingAI utilizes four varieties of customer-based predictive analytics. These work together to generate marketing program recommendations for business objectives. The cutting-edge technology and proven marketing techniques embedded in the AI system provide deep insights into customers, segments, products, and, in this case, gas stations.

A simple interface gives business users the information they need to maximize their next contact. Typical campaign dashboards include information about which offers to send to which customer, the rationale for the recommendation, and the projected increase in engagement resulting from various actions.


This brand’s fuel outlets are successfully converting, keeping, and cross-selling to customers, not just for fuel but across all retail sales.

The brand connects with customers in a more meaningful way, so they see stronger relationships and greater customer value.

Churn is down, ROI is up, customer engagement is good, and the company is meeting its targets.

Our tool lets marketers focus on winning lapsed customers, preventing customer loss, and strengthening ties to current customers by finely tuning outreach efforts.

Our client can also compare segments, view segment- and individual-level profiles, learn about historical and predicted behavior, and add and track campaigns.

Our client is also more aware of upselling and cross-selling opportunities when customers buy fuel at retail outlets.

  • 117%

    incremental ROI increase
  • 30%

    higher customer retention
  • 93%

    more customer engagement

Drives results across industries

NAVIK AI solutions for Sales, Marketing, Operations, and Technology turn data from across your organization into insights that drive revenue, efficiency, and results.

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