Today's customers expect businesses to use AI-generated insights to improve their experiences constantly. To address this, companies are looking to optimize the potential of generative AI and prepare for the changes it will bring to their processes and businesses.

In this whitepaper, Tyson Hartman, CTO, Infogain, delves into the top 5 trends organizations are focusing on as they explore how to use GenAI to drive productivity and meet customer expectations. Read this whitepaper to explore how companies can leverage generative AI to accelerate digital transformation by:

  • Empowering users with conversational search
  • Shipping better code faster by speeding up the SDLC
  • Automating the review process with content ops

And more.

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Tyson HartmanChief Technology Officer, Infogain

Tyson Hartman – CTO, Infogain, brings three decades of experience as a technology and strategy leader. Engineering our technology vision and translating it into actionable strategies for the company and our clients, he advises­­ them on their technology roadmap and vision. The company’s innovation labs and tech-specific interest groups follow his direction, and he is a mentor to our senior solution architects. He has led numerous digital transformations, including launching new entrepreneurial ventures inside existing enterprises. At West Monroe, Tyson focused on offerings, strategy and assets. As the CTO of Avanade, his thought leadership advanced change through innovative applications of cloud computing and big data.

A graduate of the University of Southern California and a member of the IEEE Computer Society, Tyson volunteers at educational and civic organizations in the Seattle area, where he is based.