Krakow IT Market Report 2024

Infogain was featured in this year’s Krakow IT Market Report 2024. Krystian Sperka, Managing Director for Infogain Poland contributed an “Expert View” for the publication.

In recent years, Krakow has emerged as a thriving hub for the IT Consulting and Services industry, with a significant portion of its talent pool dedicated to this sector. This vibrant ecosystem has attracted hundreds of international IT companies, including Infogain.

Infogain embarked on its journey in Poland in 2019 with a vision to expand its global footprint and bring digital services closer to its clients. Today, Infogain boasts a headcount of 250 people in Poland, contributing to a global workforce of over 6,000 employees. The company's rapid growth in 2023 led to moving to a larger, modern office space at The Park Krakow. This new office has been instrumental in enhancing Infogain’s employer brand, fostering client collaboration, and hosting community events.

Krakow’s IT Market report is a comprehensive snapshot of Krakow’s IT market, highlighting the dominance of the IT Consulting and Services industry, which employs 27% of the city's IT specialists. This sector is composed of large foreign groups, numerous Polish software houses and IT consulting companies. Companies like EPAM Systems, HCLTech, and Capgemini are major players, offering software development and staff augmentation services to large organizations, primarily in the financial sector.

Infogain is a significant player in this landscape, with a headcount of 190 IT specialists in Krakow. This reflects the company's strategic commitment to leveraging the city's rich talent pool for digital platform development and software engineering expertise.

The report underscores Infogain’s successful expansion and integration into Krakow’s competitive IT market and confirms Infogain’s reputation as a reliable and innovative technology solutions provider.

Looking ahead, Infogain aims to continue strengthening its employer brand and support of global business growth by tapping into Poland’s best-in-class talent. The company is committed to excelling in service delivery, acquiring new clients, and diversifying its services with cutting-edge technologies like generative AI.

Infogain’s strategic focus is on leveraging its global delivery capabilities, fostering an innovation mindset, and embracing new technologies. This approach further positions the company to stand out as a leader in Poland’s technology sector and remain a significant contributor to its future growth.

Read Krystian Sperka’s expert view in the Krakow IT Market Report 2024 and full report here.

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