Predict your customers’ needs

Blending behavioral analytics with traditional and unstructured data sources builds a robust model that allows you to confidently and accurately anticipate what will engage customers, and make them return.

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Attract, build and expand

Learn what consumers buy, why they buy it, and when. Then use the knowledge to increase sales and expand your loyal customer base. Understand the consumer journey and drive marketing actions through acquisition, growth, and retention.

Micro Segmentation + Behavioral Analytics

Discover new personas and archetypes among your customers. Identify patterns and behaviors as they emerge, moving you beyond a static snapshot of a few customer segments.

Customer Lifetime Value Modeling

Predictive and behavioral analytics allow businesses to quantify and forecast the value of individual customers across time, product lines, segments, and even channels. With these CLV models, design programs to accelerate revenue and profitability growth.

Customer Retention

Losing a customer is expensive. Predictive models can prevent churn by pointing out which customers will likely stop purchasing and what makes them leave. And when a customer does leave, use data to help bring that revenue back where it belongs.

Customer Satisfaction Analysis

Go beyond measuring customer satisfaction and identify actions to boost it. Analytics discovers new areas to improve to build stronger customer relationships.