Tech Bhubaneswar Annual Technology Conference Event

The Festival of Technology | Tech Bhubaneswar

Authored by S. Ravi, Technology Advisor

Tech Bhubaneswar an annual technology conference organized by Mindfire Solutions in Bhubaneswar, Odisha is a much sought after event. It  gives working professionals the opportunity to hone their technical knowledge, network and collaborate with other professionals as well as industry experts.

This year I had the opportunity to attend and speak at the fourth edition of this conference aptly titled ‘4.0.’ You can read about my sessions here.

I had the privilege to meet, interact and learn the opinions of many industry experts in the field of Blockchain & Machine Learning.

Here are a few key sessions of interest:

The Keynote session titled AI: Discover the Power of Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) which was given by Girish R Nuli. In this session Girish explained how modeling machines use the concept of neural networks by building artificial neural networks, and opens use cases that are simply not possible with deterministic programming techniques. He explained the workings of Artificial Neural Networks , the various types used in different use cases, and where the technology is heading into the future.

The next sessions, titled AI Enabled Document Extraction was given by Prajnajit Mohanty. In this session Prajnajit spoke about the approach of extracting information from financial documents such as Invoice/AP/AR/credit notes/statements etc. and different format such as pdf, images, word, excel etc. using Deep Learning and RPA in universally accepted formats like JSON. Mohanty also described  current challenges in the data/info extraction including handwritten docs etc. and the approaches adopted by leaders in the space such as Google/MS/AWS.

Sriyank Siddhartha presented the next session, Firebase on Android: The Big Picture, explaining the foundational knowledge of why and when to use Google Firebase in Android applications. Talking of how he uses core Firebase functionalities to develop and maintain high-quality apps, he further explained how to leverage its (Firebase) powers to improve apps quality while in production and to grow business. He also spoke how to integrate Firebase in an Android application. His session was quite informative and he gave a clear picture of why and when to use Firebase to develop as well as maintain high-quality apps.

I presented on ‘Full Stack Web Development Without JavaScript’, for those of you who do not know, we at Infogain held a meet up on Single Page Application, and you can read about it here. I spoke about the challenges faced by architects and business owners while choosing technologies for full-stack web application development and how those challenges can be addressed by Blazor, a new SPA framework by Microsoft. You can read more about my sessions here.

‘Making sense of emerging technologies together’ the second keynote of the day and by far one the most engaging ones. Presented by Ritesh Modi, who spoke about emerging technology trends and how to bring together all emerging technologies to create intelligent and modern solutions, in addition to how developer/solution providers can be successful using them. He also gave a hands-on demo creating an intelligent application using cognitive services deployed in Kubernetes environment using DevOps CI/CD pipelines.

In addition to technology sessions, there were a few startup and career development sessions such as  “Opportunity Potential Score” by Deepak Chaudhury, a personal transformation coach, where he spoke about ideas, innovation and shared his mathematical model to help people identify the next game changing ideas and disruptions.

Overall, the sessions were very informative and gave the audience opportunities to interact with experts in the fields of web development, Blockchain, AI & ML.