Single Page Application Framework

Single Page Application (SPA) Framework Day @ Infogain was well attended last week on Infogain’s Noida campus.  In case you missed it, we wanted to give you a quick recap of what was presented on SPA, including new frameworks that will be available soon.  The day started with a presentation by S. Ravi Kumar giving an intro about NCR Cloud & Core Techies meet-up group and SPA frameworks. Then, he announced the topics and speakers and dived into audience expectations.

All of the sessions were interactive, with the audience comparing and discussing the benefits of Angular, React, and Blazor, even pitting them against each other. This made for a lively discussion and much interaction among attendees.

Quick recap:

Get into Client side with Angular: This was the title of the first session of the day, which was given by Nitin Pandit. In this session, Nitin explained about essential tools used by developers to get started with Angular development. Nitin explained the usage and benefits of learning and using Angular along with tools and frameworks like NPM, CLI, Reactive extensions, etc.

Getting Started with React JS: Sanjeev Kumar presented the second session of the day. This session was more of a hands-on discussion where Sanjeev expounded on the basics of React JS along with step-by-step use cases, as well as practical examples on how to use React JS on a website to make it more efficient and responsive.

Full Stack Web Development Without JavaScript: Our very own S. Ravi Kumar presented the third session. Ravi spoke about the challenges faced by architects and business owners while choosing technologies for full-stack web application development and how those challenges can be addressed by Blazor, a new SPA framework by Microsoft. He described the basic features, benefits, drawbacks, and business scenarios for using Blazor in enterprise applications and showcased some open-source demos.

Introduction to JamStack using GatsbyJS: Jyotishman Saikia presented this session, he introduced the audience with static site generator framework GatsbyJS and tools associated with it. He described the challenges faced by novice web developers in developing static sites and how GatsbyJS solve those challenges.

Infogain has plans to host more technology meet-ups in the future, so watch this space for updates and drop us a line here if you have a question or comment.

Speakers at the Meetup:

Nitin Pandit, Microsoft MVP & Solution Expert at Infragistics
Sanjeev Kumar, Developer & Community Speaker at MindFire Solutions
S. Ravi Kumar, Technology Advisor & Community Speaker at Infogain
Jyotishman Saikia, Developer at Bharat Pay