Modernize to DataOps

The Infogain process for building data assets takes a modern, holistic approach. We build, orchestrate, and manage data pipelines with well-defined, specific processes for building, changing, testing, deploying, running, and monitoring code and configuration assets across the data lifecycle.

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data platform modernization

Infogain processes and methods

Infogain DataOps services leverage Agile and DevOps methodologies for building and managing data pipelines and applications for an automated and accelerated data supply chain that continuously improves and delivers value to the business.

Data Modernization Strategy

Define data-driven transformation goals to accelerate decision-making with actionable, insightful intelligence. Drive new business models by monetizing data from data sets, insights, and analytics-based services.

Data Architecture

Architect an adaptive, automated, secure blueprint for a data environment that aligns short- and long-term goals with the products, tools, and processes that capture, transform, and deliver usable and contextual data to consumers.

Pipeline Orchestration

Modern pipeline orchestration provisions environments and platform technologies, moves data between different stages, instantiates tools that operate on the data, monitors progress, and raises alerts.

Data Pipeline Engineering

Build versatile data pipelines to support your processing operations: ingestion, integration, validation, security transformation, aggregation, and curation.

Environment & Deployment Automation

Enable automated provisioning of dev/test/production environments, platform technologies, and data processing assets.

Automated Testing & Monitoring

Automate continuous testing to profile, validate, and check data lineage, and monitor all platform components for optimal uptime and performance.