Operate with financial accountability

Infogain Cloud FinOps enables you to drive accountability for the variable spend model of the cloud and enable business trade-off decisions related to speed, cost, and quality.

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Optimize the cloud

Our Cloud FinOps services enable cost monitoring and analytics, performance benchmarking, capacity planning and forecasting, cost and usage optimization, and cost governance and decision-making. Infogain Cloud FinOps is the third leg of our managed cloud service offering and complements our Cloud Ops and SecOps capabilities.

Cost Monitoring & Analytics

Custom dashboards and reports help you understand spend, see metrics, relationships, and impact, and integrate data across environments and third-party tools. Enable chargebacks or paybacks and increase transparency across the cloud lifecycle.

Capacity Planning & Forecasting

Leverage reports, KPIs, and analytics for planning, benchmarking, and forecasting. Ascertain true costs and usage, and better plan capacity, quotas, and budgets. Enable data-driven decision-making. Lower OpEx by predicting consumption.

Cost & Usage Optimization

Leverage our tools, automation, and guidance to maximize ROI; analyze cloud usage and spend; ensure adherence to policies; and cut costs, drive automation, and allocate resources quickly, automatically, and smoothly.

Cost Governance Management

Drive accountability with frameworks to track, control, and optimize spend. Enforce policies, standards, budgets, and regulations. Ensure cost-optimized architectures, allocations, and automation practices with processes and packaged artifacts.