Simplify cloud operations complexity

Infogain enables enterprises to capture the transformative value of the cloud and realize new possibilities while ensuring acceleration and automation of cloud operations for single- or multi-cloud deployments across leading hyperscale cloud providers.

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Holistic approach for cloud operations

Infogain cloud ops provide 24/7 fully managed cloud platform and infrastructure support to comprehensively monitor, automate, and manage cloud environments. We support customizable process and service frameworks modelled along ITIL, SOC, and ISO standards. Our Cloud Ops are also supported by SecOps and FinOps capabilities under managed cloud services.

Inventory & Visibility

Discover and 24×7 cloud monitoring for availability, performance, security, activity, and service health events with robust instrumentation by centralized log collection and event monitoring from multiple sources like virtual machines, network devices & DNS, app metrics and cloud account management.

Operational Compliance

Deliver cloud operational compliance leveraging a framework defining processes and controls for patch management, cloud policy enforcement, environment configuration drifts, and automated resource configuration.

Protect & Recover

Lifecycle management operations across cloud infrastructure and platform components including configuration management, backup and data protection, threat protection, disaster recovery, and performance management to deliver overall business service availability requirements.

Enhanced Baseline

Provide enhanced capabilities across Inventory and Visibility features, Operational Compliance and, Protect and Recover solutions by leveraging native cloud services like Automation, custom alert queries on log analytics without impacting the underlying architecture.

Platform Operations

This specialization entails enhancing the base platform itself to improve system design, automate remediation, build scalable solution, and implement continuous improvement by leveraging tools like well architected framework, service catalog, container diagnostics and automation.

Workload Operations

Partner with customers to build their Cloud center of excellence and implement Cloud Adoption Framework. Bring cultural change with DevOps model and distributed controls. Continuous optimization to bring scalability and resiliency across applications with application insights beyond platform monitoring.