Achieve faster, better outcomes

Selecting the right operational processes without losing sight of organizational objectives is crucial to driving long-term performance and program success. Our Process Identification and Design offering enables you to select the right processes to automate.

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Automate the right processes

The Infogain Process Identification and Design offering enables leaders and stakeholders to stay focused on the business case as they systematically address the challenges of driving adoption and long-term program success.

Process Ideation and Assessment

Our Rapid Process Discovery framework identifies high automation potential.

  • Conduct ideation sessions
  • Collate details and metrics with process owners
  • Conduct process Gemba with end users
  • Find opportunities to improve
  • Assess complexity and compute ROI
Demand Management

Create and manage a pipeline for long-term success.

  • Prequalify processes for automation
  • Evangelize automation with teams and solicit their ideas
  • Qualify and curate automation requests to establish business cases
  • Review and prioritize backlog items
Process Improvement and Optimization

Identify criteria and areas for improvement.

  • Define problem statements
  • Discover non-value-added (NVA) activities
  • Find ways to simplify, standardize, or reengineer processes
  • Design TO-BE process and analyze its impact
  • Outline steps to improve process
Automation for Frictionless Process

We create reference maps to select the right target processes and support the program as it scales.

  • Customer service
  • IT operations
  • Hire to retire
  • Record to report
  • Order to cash
  • Procure to pay