Build a modern data platform foundation

Realize your data vision with Infogain Data Platform modernization services, ranging from envisioning an enterprise data platform strategy to architecting and building a modern, future-ready cloud data platform.

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data platform modernization

Enabling technologies let your platform evolve

Our modernization approach prepares you for whatever the future brings. It’s never one and done — we leave room to extend and scale the architecture beyond today’s needs.

Data Platform Architecture

Define data modernization objectives, design an adaptive DataOps approach, and architect a data platform architecture to accelerate your modernization journey.

Cloud Provider & Ecosystem

Enable cloud-based, virtualized, elastic, massively parallel computing infrastructure consistent with your cloud strategy. Our approach includes our cloud partners: Microsoft Azure, Amazon Web Services, and Google Cloud Platform.

Unified Data Ingestion

Enable unified data ingestion to address data complexity, volume, velocity, and variety using batch jobs, SQL, file transfer, change data capture, replication, and streaming.

Purpose-Built Data Stores

Store, manage, and protect data at the lowest cost and right service levels with a combination of data storage, data lakes, data warehouses, data sandboxes, and operational data stores.

Data Processing

Build a versatile data processing architecture to enable a variety of consumption use cases with a combination of processing operations: integration, validation, security transformation, aggregation, and curation.

Data Governance

Built-in governance for profiling, master data management, data quality, metadata classification, data cataloging, and data lineage capture.

Data Preparation & Consumption

Enable citizens, analysts, scientists, developers, and other data consumers to discover, integrate, and orchestrate data assets that generate actionable, insightful intelligence and leverage technologies for discovery, virtualization, semantics, and cross-domain knowledge graphs.

DataOps Tools & Automation

Deploy technologies and tools to enable DataOps processes for development, deployment automation, data pipeline orchestration, continuous quality testing, monitoring, and performance management of processes.

Data Platform Ops

Provide platform operations to ensure platform reliability, scalability, and resilience through health, performance, and security monitoring, and ongoing platform management and optimization.