Build a strong cloud foundation

Infogain landing zone deployment services enable enterprises to build the right foundation for cloud adoption. In addition to deploying the foundational network, connectivity, and security infrastructure, we build the instrumentation and automation to enable a mature governance and operating model.

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Gain an upfront edge

We deploy a secure, compliant, and resilient cloud landing zone with instrumentation, automation, and tooling for efficient monitoring, service management, operations, policy enforcement, and automated application delivery.

Network & Connectivity

Design and provision secure, isolated private cloud networks and extend on-premises networks to multiple clouds for seamless networks. Create network topologies with virtual appliances, define traffic flows, increase control, and scale with load balancing.

Security & Compliance

Create a layered, in-depth strategy for identity, apps, data, hosts, and networks. Deploy solutions to protect against advanced threats and achieve compliance. Unify security monitoring and management. Identify evolving threats and build next-generation security operations.

Governance & Management

Automate and optimize governance and compliance. Create consistent, well-governed environments quickly and repeatably. Enforce and audit policies, controls, governance, and standards in real time and at scale. Track, control, and optimize spend.


Deploy backup, replication, failover, and recovery with centralized management interfaces. Define, monitor, govern, and optimize data protection and disaster recovery. Increase agility, dependability, and resilience to minimize disruption.

Instrumentation & Tooling

Unify performance, availability, and health and security monitoring. Integrate toolchains and automate processes. Configure tooling and instrumentation to build, manage, and deliver apps. Enable infrastructure as code (IaC), service management, and automated operations.

IaC & Automation

Create and manage reusable infrastructure as code (IaC) so developers can quickly provision consistent, well-governed environments. Implement policy as code (PaC). Develop and publish service catalogs. Create process for automated operations across the lifecycle.