The Art Of Building A Conversational AI Project

Chatbot Talks with team

Infogain presents the next session in "The Chatbot Talks" series where we would engage in a fireside chat with the team. is an enterprise virtual assistant platform and solutions company enabling enterprises to automate and enhance digital interactions with their customers, employees, and partners. provides a conversational AI-based no/low code enterprise platform to create virtual assistants with conversational and digital user experiences. The platform serves as a secure foundation for enterprises to design, build, test, host, and deploy AI-rich virtual assistants across 30+ different digital and voice channels.

It also provides domain trained pre-built virtual assistants for Banking, Insurance, HR, and IT Support, and has launched an enterprise digital assistant called Kora which acts as a universal/master/concierge assistant for employees. In addition, provides cloud-based call automation and digital deflection service called Virtual Assistant Platform: One platform for all your enterprise virtual assistant needs

  • Building a Dialog (includes conversation design & task execution)
  • Integration with your systems of record and systems of engagement
  • Digital Views
  • Natural Language Processing Engines
  • Omnichannel
  • Enterprise-grade Compliance Control

The agenda for the event is as follows:

10:00 AM Introduction into the world of building Chatbots with
10:10 AM Selecting a Chatbot Vendor - Important Things to consider
10:30 AM Kore - Platform Demo
10:50 AM Next Steps and Q&A

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