Infogain Upgrades Electronic Signature Accelerators and Adds New Functionalities that Integrate with Guidewire ClaimCenter and PolicyCenter Version 10 Download Now

Headquartered in California, our client is a market leader in the electronic signature market. With
agreement cloud, customers from anywhere in the world can sign electronically on practically any

Business & Technical Challenges

Signature software continues to experience rapid growth in the insurance industry. Our client had
previously developed accelerators for Guidewire ClaimCenter versions 8 and 9. They wanted to
upgrade to the version 10 cloud ready platform and add significant new functionalities to the
accelerator. Benefits to their customers include:

  • Immediate delivery of ready-for-signature documents to signatories
  • Audit trail of actions taken by participants in the agreement process, including when agreements
    were sent, opened, and signed
  • Eliminates hard copy document printing and collation
  • Eliminates signatories to be physically present at a specific location, improving both cycle time and
    experience for all parties