Transform to next-gen experiences and technology

Infogain software modernization services transform software for next-gen experiences, technology, and software delivery processes. We ensure that our engineering approach enables you to evolve with agility as your needs change. We do this by modernizing to a platform-agnostic (as preferred) cloud-native architecture and approach – adopting practices, tooling, and automation that ensure business value is realized faster and architectural & technology platform choices are balanced against your business objectives.

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Modernize for the right reasons and the right way

Not all legacy software should be modernized; some should be simply retired or replaced. We offer capabilities to help you identify your modernization strategy – re-platform, rearchitect, or rebuild. We then identify experiences to transform your software as relevant to the strategy. We re-platform to an improved technology stack, rearchitect by refactoring to a scalable and efficient architecture, or rebuild from scratch. We leverage optimal engineering architectures and approaches ranging from re-platforming for cloud readiness to re-engineering from scratch to a cloud-native architecture. As your business evolves, we support the software lifecycle with high-caliber ongoing development and platform operations.

Strategy & User Experience

We consult with you to define your modernization strategy and how user experiences need to be enhanced.

Architecture Modernization

We refactor existing code into a more modern software and deployment architecture.

Cloud-Native Modernization

We rebuild from scratch leveraging cloud-native architecture and approach.