And your data

Modern DataOps and ModelOps incorporate well-defined processes and methods for building, changing, testing, deploying, running, and tracking new and modified data, analytics, and AI/ML processes. Our Data and Analytics Test Automation Services support Data, Analytics, and AI/ML engineering teams.

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Ensure better, faster decisions

Our Data and Analytics Test Automation services enable DataOps for data engineering and analytics, and ModelOps for AI and decision models.

DataOps Testing

Our PAQman test framework uses Python-based modules to test data models, metadata, data types, formats, field mapping, and referential integrities. It also validates source/target, outbound and downstream data, data quality, business rule, ETL logic, and job load performance.

Analytics DataOps Testing

We conduct analytics testing for end-user adaptability, business rule validation, and metric effectiveness verification.

ModelOps Testing

Our black-box smoke tests include verifying model metrics and acceptable standard deviation to produce a model quality report.