Strategy brings vision to life

Revel Customer Experience Strategy services focus on finding the intersections between your goals and what your customers want from your brand. We use a range of tools to understand customers and establish the vision that enables your brand to give them what they need, which gives the rest of our teams critical guidance in how they engage your customers.

Revel human-centered design powers infogain customers
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Authentic input becomes ownable outcome

We transform research and insights into strategies and UX artifacts that structure your experience. We consider your offering goals, the market landscape, the characteristics of your customers, and the tasks that they’ll perform. We also provide ways to measure, manage, and optimize the experience we create.

Trends and insights

Industry standards, trends, and inspirations change constantly. Which are most relevant to your brand? Revel provides insight into trends to inform the experiences we create.

Stakeholder & user interviews

We interview stakeholders and target user groups to clarify and validate business and experience goals, and to identify user flow processes, opportunity areas, and pain points.

Competitive analysis

We evaluate your competitors in terms of their products, services, offerings, and branding to identify opportunities, solidify your offerings, and create strategies to dominate the market.


We combine deep insight and research into the people who weave your brand into their lives to create user personas that guide us in our work—and that guide your marketers in theirs.

Design thinking workshops

Revel brings disparate stakeholder teams together in person or virtually, enabling them to share institutional knowledge and knowledge in collaboration, connected ideas, and innovation.

Planning & prioritization

A mapping and synthesis of research and collected perspectives that clarify business drivers and priorities, investment objectives, and customer benefits of your potential ideas.