Act now

Set marketing strategies based on how customers are behaving today and rely less on instinct and yesterday’s research. Gain a deeper understanding of customer needs, market opportunities, brand perceptions, product innovations, and pricing impact.

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Look forward

Our conjoint methodologies include customized “what if” simulators to steer strategic decisions. Gain clarity on the ideal product/service mix, cannibalization, and market inflection points.

Segmentation Strategies

Segmentation can be applied in all stages of the customer lifecycle. Achieve efficient targeting and optimal portfolio strategies by identifying actionable microsegments.

Concept Testing

Our team of experts conduct customized tests on your behalf, or you can use our automated concept testing platform.

Brand Equity

Analyze diverse information sources for a holistic view of your brand’s health. Our brand measurement framework places the consumer at its core. See what is driving your brand health to capitalize on it.

Media Mind

Bring together survey data, social media, media GRPs and in-house sales to better manage campaigns and increase customer interactions.

Customer Experience

Guide the entire customer journey with experiences that increase customer loyalty and strengthen brand affinity.

Global Survey Services

Capture feedback with best-in-class inquiries created by dedicated teams with global expertise that handle survey design and coding through data collection and results dashboards, regardless of project size.