Ravindra Arora, Global CISO, Infogain

Infogain’s Cybersecurity Plan for 2021

The following article was published in  VarIndia on 29th July 2021 after an interview with Ravinder Arora, CISO - Infogain. Follow this link to view the original article

Infogain’s plan for 2021 is primarily focused on three areas:

Enhance investment in cloud security as our business continues to move to the cloud. We are taking our infrastructure applications and moving our old infrastructure and applications to the cloud.

Make cybersecurity a part of the boardroom agenda because information security teams can no longer work in silos. New threats and cyberattacks are happening globally, and it requires discussions in the boardrooms, with CISOs being an integral part.

Leverage the new technologies in cybersecurity as hackers are using old capabilities to attack the network. And these attacks, namely zero-day vulnerabilities, social media disinformation, and spoofing, need to be tackled with innovative tools, which use AI and ML capabilities.