Infogain & Automation Anywhere joint roundtable on Thursday, March 12th, London, UK 

EVENT | Enterprise Agility through Automation: Bots & Beyond

IT and Technology teams are increasingly expected to counsel business units on innovative approaches for creating value. They are tasked to use sophisticated analytics to measure and manage organizational performance, so they can better support complex decisions and create more accountability across the company, yet:

  • Only 13 percent of  senior business and technology executives polled said their organizations are using automation technologies like robotic process automation and artificial intelligence
  • 64 percent of  IT and business teams have digitized less than a quarter of their functions in the past 12 months

Join us for an exclusive, invite-only roundtable to discover automation opportunities for your organizations and learn how intelligent automation can create a more sophisticated workforce of professionals that are proactive, creative, and can achieve higher levels of strategic analysis.

As a participant of the roundtable, you can expect to:

  • Discuss and debate on key topics, including RPA bot implementation to the cloud, process excellence, benefits, enterprise adoption, and industry trends
  • Hear your peers’ experiences, challenges and success stories
  • Learn from technology experts, industry veterans, and influencers about strategies for successful implementation of RPA processes and technologies

Limited seats are available, please send in your inquiries here.