Drive customer centricity

Infogain digital analytics solutions enable enterprises to discover deeper digital sales, marketing, and customer insights to acquire and retain customers and grow their business.

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Unlock customer growth

Our digital analytics solutions power actionable insights that enable enterprises to become more customer-centric by building and optimizing strategies for digital marketing, campaigns, customer journeys, and sales.

Marketing Analytics

Optimize marketing efforts using analytics-driven insights for marketing budget allocation, omnichannel attribution, cross-sell and upsell execution, lookalike and response modeling, and social media messaging.

Campaign Analytics

Improve campaign outcomes with closed-loop analytics solutions for campaign planning, scheduling, multichannel attribution, performance, and messaging optimization.

Customer Journey Analytics

Leverage analytics to optimize the customer journey; develop micro segmentation, behavioral, funnel, and conversion models; and drive insights for customer engagement and acquisition strategies.

Sales Analytics

Improve sales outcomes with analytics-enabled insights for lead and opportunity scoring and prioritization, guidance on next best actions for new business, account risk identification, actions to increase retention, and winning back high-value lost customers.

Customer 360 and Personalization

Build a customer-centric organization with analytics-enabled insights in customer lifetime value (CLV), segmentation and alignment to offerings and hyper-personalization, customer satisfaction, loyalty programs, and churn.

Analytics DataOps

Extend DataOps practices using analytics pipelines for managing the lifecycle of analytic models, from model creation to model deployment, monitoring, and management.