Energy Services Company Automates its Water Management System with MS Azure IoT and Gains Accuracy, Efficiency & Cost Savings

Our client is a publicly held geographically diversified oil and gas services company focused on completion fluids and associated products and services, water management, frac flowback, production well testing; compression services and equipment. They wanted to support their growth with a digital automation remote-control monitoring solution for operational efficiencies and significant cost savings.

Infogain established and designed system architecture for the IoT solution which included an IoT platform, IoT connectivity, device provisioning, data and storage, and access management. In addition to device to cloud communication and security and compliance.

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Leak Detection & Repair Company Monitors Gas Leaks 24/7 by Automating its Gas Emission Monitoring System with MS Azure IoT

Our client provides line clearing services and equipment for the protection and damage prevention of utilities including gas, electric, water, and municipal utilities. The company has shifted from using portable technologies that an individual would carry to technology that is connected to the Internet, such as data logging, GPS and cloud. They partnered with Infogain on sensor-based technology that enables them to monitor leaks 24/7.

Infogain implemented the MS Azure IoT platform automation solution to their existing device management system. The client’s existing REM devices were onboarded onto the NET based RMLD-Remote Emissions Monitor (RMLD-REM) IoT hub built by Infogain and powered by Microsoft Azure.

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Infogain completes Multiple Data Center Migration and consolidation to Azure IaaS to simplify, reduce cost and centralize rules and policies

Client Background:

Our customer is a globally diversified energy and related technology company specializing in engineering and complex specifications related to the industry. A NASDAQ listed company, the customer, is renowned for innovative problem solving for challenges in environmental air pollution control, energy, fluid handling, and filtration.

Business Challenges:

Decades of growth and geographic expansion, and several M&A’s along the way had created an IT infrastructure sprawl, with data centers spread across countries, each running their own standards and subsidiary specific configurations, and some being managed in-house while others were outsourced to specialists.

The customer’s CIO office decided to rationalize and consolidate the data centers in the cloud for better standardization, oversight, optimizations and cost efficiencies. The customer wanted to create a consolidated data center hosting framework that was secure and flexible enough to accommodate differences in requirements across multiple business units.

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