Infogain Takes the Lead with an Amazing Start to Fiscal Year 2015

During our Fiscal Year 2015, which started in July of 2014, Infogain has achieved record high revenues and strong growth by top accounts. We have also acquired several new business accounts in the retail, financial, high tech and telecommunication industries, among others. Operationally, Infogain continues to maintain strong and stable

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Leverage Benefits of adoption of ICD-10

With the most significant change in diagnosis classification and procedure code sets in 30 years, the adoption of ICD-10-CM & PCS promised to provide far reaching benefits. It will not, however, come without significant implications for health care organizations. In these times of economic uncertainty is your organization ready to

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Trends going forward

“Insurers across the globe are being confronted with the growing need to offer more services to agents and consumers through mobile devices and demand will intensify during the next five years,” says leading analyst firm Gartner Research in a recent report on industry trends. Mobile phones can work as mini-computers

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Adherence to government standards

Infogain’s mSure application lets your policy holders file instant claims from the accident zone. Initiating the process immediately from the accident zone gives the customer the assurance that you are there for them, leading to higher overall satisfaction and customer retention rates. Using Infogain’s mSure application, policyholders receive alerts on

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Insurance in the Cloud

Today anything from oil supertankers to every inch of Diego Maradona’s world cup soccer winning legs can be insured. There is a vast array of Insurance types such as Medical, Property, Casualty, Auto, Business, Life, Pension and Annuities etc. The intricacies of the various facets of the industry are many

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Mobility for Insurance

We have been tracking the sharp increase not just in adoption, but usage of mobile devices for more than voice services, such as SMS texting, social networking, uploading pictures and videos. With this rising demand of mobile technology, the demand for mobile applications also seems to rise. The mobile applications

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Turn your loyalty program into a profit center rather than a cost center, #LoyaltyAnalytics
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Turn satisfied customers into brand advocates, #LoyaltyAnalytics,
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We are looking forward to @Zinnov Confluence! #Digitalization
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Infogain is Silver Sponsor for #ZinnovConfluence, June 20-21 in Benglauru. Will you join us?
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Ayan Mukerji, President and COO - is leading a panel discussion on “Taking Disruptions to the Market: Best Practice…
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Network with fellow IIT'ians ‘including Infogain President and COO – Ayan Mukerji and explore opportunities for col…
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Listen to Ayan Mukerji, President and COO – Infogain, speak at #IITBayCon Santa Clara
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Did you know that a well-designed user interface #UI can amplify your conversion rate by up to 200%? Partner with…
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Ayan Mukerji, President & COO @Infogain will lead a panel discussion on “Taking Disruptions to the Market: Best Pra…
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