Our client is one of the world’s largest producers of electronic devices, including appliances, digital media devices, semiconductors, memory chips, industrial equipment, and integrated systems.

Designing the future of smart home orchestration from a single, digitally enabled "Life Platform"

On-demand products and services that are now available have changed the concept of home. Technology allows greater autonomy, meeting basic needs like the ability to work and socialize without having to leave home. Our client's consumer electronics division engaged Infogain and Revel to help envision its future smart home strategy by creating a common vision for the connected home.


Design thinking led us to recognize that as connections are built into homes, the home becomes a digitally enabled “Life Platform” that provides comfort, security, and simplicity. A smart home doesn’t just add appliances and capability, it must unify those things on one platform that delivers a seamless experience.

We identified three ways to create smart homes: retrofitting older technology, creating software to communicate with disparate devices, and leveraging the current product mix while unifying the operating systems.

  • Researched more than 50 companies and 10 competitors
  • Created household/customer personas to capture customer context
  • Ideated on hundreds of compelling smart home scenarios and customer experiences
  • Captured use cases with high value propositions and developed go-to-market strategies


Innovate for growth:

  • Designed 1 future strategy for smart home platform
  • Identified 3 paths of entry to smart home market
  • Developed 100s of customer personas, scenarios, and use cases
  • 1

    smart home platform strategy
  • 3

    paths to enter market
  • 100's

    of personas, scenarios, and use cases

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