This client provides technology solutions to travel networks, airlines, and hospitality brands. The company also operates a travel marketplace that connects buyers and suppliers in more than 160 countries from its Texas headquarters.

Our client provides technology solutions to travel networks, airlines, and hospitality brands in 160 countries

This enterprise had high unified functional testing (UFT) license costs and challenges with productivity and reporting. It automated 46,000 test cases using 13 different frameworks in eight tools. Regression cycles for 40 product components spanned four weeks, and each product team used a different format to report on execution. What’s more, our client couldn’t conduct root cause analysis (RCA) or record automation script failure histories.


The Infogain Digital Engineering Studio took an intelligent automation approach to resolve the issues. Our team enabled DevOps by integration with Jenkins-driven execution. We implemented a common reporting platform and dashboard reporting tool with real-time metrics visible to the management and 40 product teams. We also maintained historical data for common reason for failure analyses with UAP Test Manager and replaced the license tool with UAP-based open-source test automation.

The migration to the UAP Java framework resulted in reduced license fees for UFT scripts. Further, the solution enabled the client to eliminate redundant, duplicate, and obsolete test cases.


  • Design for experience: Increased productivity with dashboard showing real-time information progression
  • Speed for value: Cut regression execution time 90% by integrating Dynamic Test Suite with DevOps pipeline
  • Automate for productivity: Reduced test cases by 30% (from 46,000 to 34,000) by eliminating redundant, duplicate, and obsolete test cases
  • Engineer for reliability: Reduced automation frameworks from 13 to three
  • 90%

    reduction in test time
  • 13 to 3

    reduction in test frameworks
  • 30%

    reduction in test cases

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