When preparing for a meeting with a potential client or a proposal, Infogain’s sales and bid management teams tap into an internal marketing repository built on Azure for research. The archive contains thousands of corporate, marketing and practice collateral, including case studies.

NAVIK complements your teams, ensuring their communications contain the information that resonates with customers.

This content is organized in various places in the system and made searching for a specific technology within a document a time-consuming, slow, and inefficient task. There was no guarantee that a search would uncover all relevant results.


We implemented Infogain’s ASK NAVIK; a generative AI based chatbot that uses Large Language Models (LLM) like Azure Open AI. Built into Infogain's marketing repository, the NAVIK generative AI assistant searches on unstructured data such as documents and provides personalized and contextualized responses.

Sales and bid management teams “Ask NAVIK” by typing a question into the search box. For example, “What case studies contain Java? or “Give me all the info you have on analytics.” The AI powered chatbot responds with answers in 10 to 15 seconds.

It’s easier and faster to find content that can then be used to personalize prospective client communications and add value to a proposal. The chatbot will also generate an email to a prospective client, highlighting a specific marketing asset.

With a generative AI solution like NAVIK:

  • Relevant information is found within seconds.

  • Information is personalized and summarized.

  • The quality and relevance of the search results are improved with contextual recommendations.

This is an Infogain solution for clients that want to transform their repositories into a powerful new tool for sales and bid teams. The solution attracted our internal Marketing team’s interest, leading to the internal implementation.


  • Automated process empowers employees to make informed and faster decisions.
  • Efficient knowledge management and improved user experience.
  • Saves research time and ensures confidentiality within a secure Azure environment.
  • 10-15 Sec

    Chatbot response time
  • 500+

    Archived materials
  • 100+

    Monthly users