The client sells printing products and services, building their brand and offerings over the years. Their legacy platform, a hybrid VM cloud and on-premises system, couldn't scale for peak performance and required extensive ongoing maintenance. Application logs wouldn't yield any actionable insights for improvement.

Moving the operation wholly to AWS serverless technology removed the scaling and maintenance issues.

Without tedious, error-prone manual benchmarking, there was no way to measure end-user metrics in different geographic locations.The client needed a seamless infrastructure with the ability to scale.


Moving the operation to a platform wholly supported on AWS serverless technology removed the scaling and maintenance issues. AWS CodeBuild and AWS CodeDeploy now automate the CI/CD and testing pipelines. Making use of Infrastructure as Code allowed for easy deployment and maintenance.

Leveraging containerization technologies such as AWS Lambda, AWS Step Function, and AWS ECS Fargatemade made setting up and conducting evaluations in the test environment yield quicker, actionable results.

To refine the client's operations, we also:

  • Built an analytics dashboard using Kibana visual dashboard wireframe support for impactful reporting.

  • Set triggers for customized alerts to inform staff when response time breached SLA.

  • Provided solution and network architecture, developer, implementation, and user guides.


With a serverless solution, our client now pays execution costs based on actual execution time, cutting costs by more than half.

Other benefits:

  • Platform execution and maintenance savings up to 67 percent.
  • Application logs demonstrating user patterns that inform how to optimize users’ experience.
  • Replicable process to grow the infrastructure with the business.
  • Test delivery quality with a goal of zero bugs or defects.
  • Automated, 24×7 monitoring to ensure performance meets SLA standards.
  • 90%

    reduction in manual maintenance
  • 24/7

    reliable testing
  • 67%

    overall cost savings