Our client is a US orthopedic company that makes high-precision hip and knee products for the US and global markets. This client had no process to collect and analyze patient health attributes in real time, and it had no knowledge of their program details, exercise compliance, weekly rehab progress reports, pain scores, etc., pre-, post-, and during surgery and/or treatment.

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This orthopedic company needed to collect and analyze patient data in real time for postop rehabilitation.

It also lacked useful data and analytics that could be collected and analyzed relating to postoperative range of motion and rehabilitation. It needed to move away from recording and tracking patient health attributes manually.


We created a suite of telemedicine apps that improve outcomes for patients, doctors, and other clinicians. We designed and developed iOS and Android apps that let patients and doctors access patient data in real-time track it over time. We also developed web services that track and push patient attributes gathered from wearable implants via Bluetooth to our mobile apps, then to MS Azure Cloud database. And we designed and developed an app that admins and doctors use for administration and analytics.


  • Now doctors and patients can communicate through the app via an innovative software product with no known comparable solution in market.
  • Doctors can track patient data in real time with effective and efficient Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication to implanted medical device.
  • We increased provider satisfaction with real time patient data and telemedicine capabilities, including insights into patient data with current data and analytics.
  • We’ve maintained compliance with regulatory requirements from different countries.
  • And we’ve increased patient satisfaction with intelligent solution that key reminders about training, medication, exercise, and other aspects of care.