Our client is a food & beverage manufacturer and distributor in the Middle East with a diverse product portfolio that includes dairy, bakery, poultry and more. To find the most relevant information on how a product was performing, they searched a vast knowledge base containing market research, competitive intelligence reports, sales data, and others.

Searching a vast knowledgebase for specific report was a slow and tedious process.

This was a slow and tedious process since the data was in various formats and resided on multiple servers. Reports were inefficient with missing summaries, and only certain sections were highlighted.

Our client wanted to update its platform with a modern AI platform to increase productivity and reduce costs.


We replaced our client’s knowledge platform with ASK NAVIK, our AI-search engine powered by a vector database and OpenAI’s GPT-4. The generative AI solution intelligently sifts through 11,000 insights from over 400 research reports, extracting relevant documents and insights.

ASK NAVIK can handle queries related to structured and unstructured data, returning responses in a natural and conversational way. The responses are personalized based on the user’s role.

Our solution included a library, glossary, dashboard, and mobile app. Users can search by category, sub-category, year, region, and more. For example, if the sales team wanted to know the market size for a dairy category like yogurt in Saudi Arabia, ASK NAVIK sifts through thousands of intelligence reports, finding the most relevant information in nanoseconds. The data is summarized in a user-friendly chat box that includes data sources to click on for more details. They can also bring up charts and comparisons of the data. Citations are included to suppress any risk of hallucinations.


  • Enhanced productivity driven by superior content discovery and summarization of research reports.
  • Content creation capabilities.
  • Holistic view of firm wide knowledge paired with smart search.
  • Improved turnaround time to make informed decisions using relevant research.
  • 99.99%

    Availability with reliable, security-rich cloud architecture
  • 11k

    Market research reports summarized
  • $16k

    Savings in yearly licensing fees