Representative Client - High Tech

Infogain is proud of its 15-year-long partnership with a multi-billion-dollar Silicon-valley based, technology equipment manufacturing company. Infogain provides managed services for this client in the areas of integration and service-oriented architecture, portals and enterprise content management, master data management, Oracle E-Business release 12, and several cloud-based systems. Infogain's team at this client include 150 members, 70% of whom work offshore.

The client says, "The Infogain team has shown tremendous interest in the area of innovation, development, and design, and they have put an organized structure around the delivery model as a whole."

Representative Client - Retail

At Disney retail locations, mobile point-of-sale (POS), implemented with Oracle and partner Infogain, is allowing customers to complete their transactions at different locations throughout the store. Children and their families can continue enjoying in-store activities while the purchase process is taking place.

The new POS system improved the in-store experience for customers, and in a 12-store test of the system during the holiday season, comparable store sales increased by 2-2.5%. This is significant since on Black Friday alone, Disney stores typically have 300-500 guests in line at midnight. The mobile POS system also has the ability to positively impact wait times at stores.

Representative Client - Insurance

Infogain's largest client engagement is with Mitchell International, North America's leading provider of P&C claims technology solutions. The partnership has included joint working teams in all of Mitchell's major product areas, including Auto Physical Damage, Auto Casualty and Worker's Compensation. Infogain has also participated in and led Mitchell product implementation and integration projects at major US insurance companies. Infogain's team at Mitchell is 225 strong, with 90% offshore leverage. Following Agile development processes, Infogain's Mitchell team includes 32 scrum teams and 40 certified scrum masters.

"Infogain delivers process improvements and is easy to do business with - a real partner."