Increase software adoption and reach

Infogain engineering services enable software businesses to build and operate products and platforms using open, scalable, and platform-agnostic cloud-native engineering. We drive software adoption through rich experience and feature innovation, delivered at an accelerated pace using high-performance engineering. We enable a broader reach by extending capabilities for multiple user personas, ready-to-use integrations, building a platform ecosystem, and creating offerings for marketplaces.

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Build the modern way

We offer capabilities to guide your product and platform strategy, then identify engaging experiences for your software product and platform users. We engineer software with cloud-native agile architectures leveraging high-performance engineering practices and provide high-caliber ongoing development and platform operations focused on accelerating adoption and delighting end users.

Product & Platform Strategy

Consulting to define your market, experience, and software product and platform strategy.

Experience Design

Identify experiences to engage users through workshops for innovation ideation, storyboarding, and journey mapping.

Software Architecture

Architect softwvare with modern services, event-based, API, and stateless architectures built on a modern technology platform.

Platform Architecture

Architect on-demand, scalable, efficient technology platform leveraging cloud serverless and container technologies built with infrastructure as code (IaC).

High-Performance Engineering

Design engaging UX interactions and engineer using cloud-native platforms, development practices, tooling, and automation.

Development and Platform Operations

Provide frictionless development, platform, and infrastructure operations to evolve software while ensuring reliability through monitoring, observability, and distributed tracing and logging.