Cloud enables running your business IT remotely: Sumant Ahuja, Infogain

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Infogain is a Silicon Valley headquartered company with software platform engineering and deep domain expertise in the travel, retail, insurance, and high technology industries. It accelerates the delivery of digital customer engagement systems using digital technologies such as cloud, microservices, robotic process automation, and artificial intelligence to clients.

Here, Sumant Ahuja, EVP at Infogain, tells us more about the experiences from the Covid-19 situation. Excerpts:

DQ: How is Infogain driving digital customer engagement systems in Covid-19?

Sumant Ahuja: Infogain has deep and long-standing relationships with its customers and is experiencing significant demand from existing customers. Additionally, our investments in digital marketing and partner relations have helped us acquire new customers and continue our growth journey.

DQ: How are you leveraging cloud for yourself and your clients?

Sumant Ahuja: The cloud enables you to run your business IT remotely, and if you design it right, you can ramp your Cloud spend up and down based on the demand on your systems. This operational flexibility is a great advantage to have in the Covid-19 situation.

We are experiencing a heightened demand from customers who were perhaps not as far on their journey, to help them accelerate cloud adoption.

DQ: Cloud is relevant more for digital transformation today. What are you doing to make this happen?

Sumant Ahuja: Digital transformation relies heavily on leveraging technology for business advantage, whether it is for time-to-market, experimentation, or even technology-enabled innovation. All new technology capabilities and tools are now released first in the cloud. It is easy to experiment with them and to determine how they can be used to deliver the desired business advantage.

At Infogain, we have a strong focus on research and experimentation with cloud technologies, mainly to stay on the cutting edge and ultimately being able to leverage that expertise to our customer’s advantage.

DQ: How are the enterprises migrating apps from on-premise to cloud?

Sumant Ahuja: Small and mid-sized enterprises typically lift and shift their apps to the cloud from a data center or from a colocation facility. Post-migration, they identify opportunities to leverage the benefits of the cloud by re-engineering some of their strategic business apps.

Large enterprises are taking a more deliberate approach to fully realizing cloud benefits as they re-engineer apps, adopt modern DevOps processes, and implement automation as part of their cloud migration approach.

Enterprises rationalize their app portfolio for characteristics such as – business criticality, complexity, the scope for cost optimization, and cloud suitability. They strategize on the migration paths for each application – whether to simply re-host, re-platform, rearchitect, rebuild or simply replace.

DQ: What does the future of work look like now?

Sumant Ahuja: As Infogain’s cloud team, we have a busy future ahead of us. Enterprises will be prioritizing their digital transformation more than ever before. Those who have the ability to invest in the current environment are moving forward aggressively, and others are getting their plans together so they too can execute as soon as business conditions improve.

Working from home, our teams have delivered with very high productivity and have surpassed customer expectations. I believe organizations, such as ours, will transition to a new normal, relying on a lot more our people working from home.