Create custom apps at scale

Infogain low-code app services empower SMEs within your org to solve the problems that they understand best. Now they can quickly create apps and dashboards to analyze and visualize data, automate reporting and analytics, and create virtual agents—all without burdening your IT teams.

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Create and iterate quickly

Enable your people to find the fastest solutions to their problems, then evolve the solutions as the problems evolve. Your employees and customers get better experiences. You get faster results, smoother operations, and less expensive setup, deployment, and maintenance.


Our services enable your SMEs to build end-to-end solutions for data discovery, dashboards, visualization, reporting, chatbots, and self-service analytics.

Now everyone can make better decisions with data-driven insights, custom apps, and automated processes—all without writing a line of code.


Simplify life with workflows that increase productivity, optimize resilience, and connect your people, functions, and systems. Our repeatable model lets citizen developers create apps that incorporate complex logic, automate workflows, integrate with existing systems, and improve user experiences.