Hot New Healthcare Products from CES 2019

Health, wellness, and medical technology have been big players in this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. The Consumer Technology Association reports that this year there were 25% more health-related exhibitors, as well as a 15% floor space increase for healthcare technology.

The reason for this increase can be attributed to the fact that there are about 74 million Baby Boomers in the US. Health tech is eager to help support their aging process by developing products that promote comfort, independence, and wellbeing.

While these products can’t replace care and monitoring by a medical professional, many of them can improve the user’s awareness of their health conditions, promote healthier behaviors, and identify risk factors.

We rounded up some of the most interesting health technology products from CES 2019.

Pria by Black & Decker

Many patients have a hard time managing their medication. This can be especially difficult for people who have multiple prescriptions at different dosing schedules. Black & Decker developed Pria to help patients ensure that they are taking their medications at the correct time and dosage as prescribed by their doctor.

Pria is an automated medication management and home health assistant. It allows a caregiver to monitor a patient’s medication and healthcare schedule.

Pria can schedule up to 28 medication doses, track visits, provide reminder alerts, and connect users to caregivers or family members using voice-command and a built-in camera.

Addison Healthcare Virtual Assistant

Addison Care is a virtual assistant created by Electronic Caregiver. It appears on a 15-inch media screen throughout the user’s residence and uses a conversational speech interface, visuals, Artificial Intelligence, and ambient augmented reality.

Addison’s features include medication management, social experiences, health care plan adherence, and emergency response. 


ElliQ is a social home robot for seniors living alone. It provides companionship and uses Artificial Intelligence to adapt to a user’s needs and preferences. It also enables family members to check in with loved ones easily and helps users through their day-to-day lives.

ElliQ is designed to look like a cute Pixar character. It’s moving, physical form, makes it stand out when compared to other voice assistants on the market.

Omron HeartGuide

Self-monitoring of blood pressure can reduce risk of stroke by 20% and reduce the risk of coronary artery disease by 10%. That’s why Omron created HeartGuide, a wristwatch that helps users monitor their blood pressure levels.

Unlike its competitors, Omron HeartGuide uses oscillometric measurement, the FDA-recognized standard, to accurately automate blood pressure management. It holds up to 100 readings in memory, and users can store their data using a corresponding app called HealthAdvisor.

With HealthAdvisor, users can gain a better understanding of their condition, develop a better dialog with their physician, and access real-time health coaching.

Butterfly IQ

Butterfly IQ is a new, hand-held ultrasound device. At the moment, it’s only available to medical professionals, but Butterfly hopes to make this technology accessible to consumers soon.

The ultrasound machine attaches to a phone, allowing the user to conduct their own ultrasound while a physician examines the imagery on the other line.

Health technology was prominent at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show, and we expect the industry to continue to innovate and grow over upcoming years. Companies like Dexcom, which manufactures and distributes continuous glucose monitoring systems for diabetes management, are putting innovative technologies that improve our overall health and wellbeing of patients. Infogain is proud to work with Dexcom as a technology service provider in their innovation and product rollout journey.

Infogain is proud to work with such companies to transform the healthcare industry and make health awareness more accessible to everyone.

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