Drive automation and analytics

Leverage machine learning and cognitive AI to develop and enable apps to achieve specific business objectives.

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Intelligent transactions and process automation

Use robotic process automation (RPA) tools to create agents and bots that can learn from data to recommend best practices, forecast risks, automate tasks, and make decisions.

Voice-based applications and integrations

Leverage Cortana and other natural language processing platforms for voice-based features in smartphones, vehicles, shopping sites, and portals.

Bot integrations

Leverage microservices, AI, and machine learning in apps that respond to event triggers or requests.

Chatbot-centered applications

Implement single- or multi-chatbot apps for sales, call centers, tech support, recruitment, and customer assistance.

Smart analytics

Develop products that learn and adapt to produce insights, make predictions and recommendations, detect fraud, evaluate risk, analyze sentiment, and perform other complex tasks.

Smart products and robotics

Embed AI-enhanced software in consumer, industrial, and mechanical products to enable continuous improvement and experience personalization.