Achieve breakthrough business outcomes

Internet of Things (IoT) solutions connect physical and digital worlds so you can harness untapped potential to enter new markets with disruptive business models, develop new products to drive differentiated customer experiences, and streamline operations. Infogain IoT services bring the required expertise to help you innovate – from edge to cloud, analytics to intelligence and back to the edge, and connected apps to enterprise integration.

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Leverage real-time edge computing

IoT Intelligent Edge solutions enable near real-time response and the ability to work in offline / intermittent connectivity environments, with analytics and AI deployed at the edge for anomaly detection and autonomous operations.

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Connect, manage, and integrate with the enterprise

A connected cloud IoT platform creates solutions that enable you to develop, deploy, and manage IoT-connected devices, ingest IoT telemetry for analytics and building intelligence, enable real-time stream analytics in the cloud or at the edge, and integrate with digital twin as well as enterprise applications.

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Control &

Intelligent Apps

Drive seamless experiences

Leverage digital twins, IoT, and AI/ML to build intelligent apps and integrate existing ones. Enable remote control and monitoring, insights-driven troubleshooting, intelligent recommendations, seamless product lifecycle management, and workflow and process automation.

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Analytics &


Convert telemetry into intelligence

Our analytics solutions drive revenue and efficiency. We combine IoT telemetry data with clickstreams, logs, device-generated events, and other records to create solutions for descriptive and diagnostic analytics and advanced analytics for predictive and prescriptive intelligence.

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IoT Outcomes

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How do I remotely track, monitor, and manage my assets?

Collect and analyze telemetry from connected sensors, devices, and equipment for real-time tracking, monitoring, management, and remote control.

How do I build a living link to both my product and users?

Diversify your business beyond traditional product boundaries with IoT-connected smart products that can sense and respond to user needs, enable new innovative experiences, and drive new revenue models.

How do I improve operations?

Increase visibility across operations, gain insights, reduce inefficiencies or waste, and control and automate processes for operational gains. Enrich with real-time data, intelligent edge, and analytics for smarter, automated, and autonomous processes.